The GRAD PLUS Program

As a method by which to build and develop such internal capability, particularly in the highly technical and specialised area of cement manufacturing and related activities, GRAD-PLUS has been launched. In Australia’s current economic climate our GRAD-PLUS program is not only timely to help ensure a robust and sustainable cement industry, it is also a fantastic way to develop new and refresh the existing skills and capability for the future.

The objectives of this two year program are as follows:

  • To give the Graduate a thorough grounding in all aspects of the cement manufacturing and associated processes.  This will include practical and theoretical training.
  • To provide training in a way which enables the Graduate to make a meaningful contribution to Cement Australia at the earliest possible point in his/her career.
  • To identify at an early stage those individuals who have high potential and to provide them with suitable career opportunities.
  • To similarly identify at an early stage those situations where there is a mismatch between Cement Australia needs and the abilities of the Graduate and to move such a Graduate out of the training program.


Figure A: A typical graduate career path